Tramcor is a family owned corporation founded in 1974 by Wayne H. Braegger. He started with the purchase of one truck and over the years the company has grown to a fleet of over 100, serving customers in 48 states and Canada. Wayne’s core values are dedication to customers and employees, integrity, honesty and trust. He fulfilled his dream to work with his family and passed on those core values to his children. Presently the third generation also plays an essential role in his family enterprise.

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

It is with great Pride and Honor that we have the opportunity to continue with the core values that Tramcor has been built on over the past 47 years. Our Grandpa and Grandma along with their sons and daughter have built a company that has stood the test of time. As a 3rd generation we all grew up with these fine examples of hard work and dedication. All of us boys grew up within a few blocks of each other and we always gravitated to the Truck shop in our Grandparents back yard. There may have been more messing around than work at times, but we all learned at a young age what it takes to be successful when it comes to trucking.

As we move forward with this amazing business, we will continue to stay with a few key elements that have proven to be successful. First is the Customer and the relationship that we have with them. We will continue to show dedication for all our customers. We have great partnerships and will continue these partnerships and grow with our customers. Second is the Great Team that make up Tramcor. Every Team member plays an intricate part in making Tramcor successful. We will continue to put these Team members first as our parents have.

Again, we feel it a privilege to work at Tramcor and we are dedicated to its success and longevity. It is not every day that you can live out your Grandpa’s Dream. So, with that said, we will keep the wheels rolling.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide proficient transportation services for our customers at a fair and competitive rate. We recognize our employees as valuable team members and we strive to create a safe and gratifying work environment for all. We welcome and value input from our customers and employees. We recognize that building and sustaining partnerships is essential to our success in the future.