Independence Day Celebrations 2021

Tramcor had the wonderful opportunity to participate in celebrating our Freedom and Liberties in a variety of parades this weekend. From North Ogden Cherry Day’s and Farr West Freedom Festival to Huntsville and Willard Independence Day Parades. A special thank you to our driver’s Shane Child, Aaron Struble, Andrew Osborne for helping be a beautiful representation of Tramcor. We hope you all enjoyed your holiday, Happy 4th from your friends here at Tramcor!

Eddie Picazarri – Driver of the 3rd Quarter

This driver always has a good attitude and is willing to go the extra mile. He comes in the office after being away for 1 ½ weeks, has 4 hours left and wants to know what he can do to help Tramcor for the rest of the day. He is amazing! He is a hard worker and always willing to help. Very Easy going. He is very much a ‘roll with it’ type of guy. Pilot cars love working with him, he is very polite and never complains. We are honored to present Eddie as Tramcor’s Driver of the 3rd Quarter 2021!

Dale Kinseth – Driver of the 2nd Quarter

We at Tramcor are proud to award Dale Kinseth as Driver of the 2nd Quarter 2021. Dale has been employed at Tramcor for 20 years, and he has always been a stellar employee taking care of details. Dale has been an over the road driver who takes excellent care of our customers and is willing to help his coworkers whenever needed. We congratulate Dale on this nomination by his coworkers.